Thrive Property NT

The Benefits of a Professional Property Manager

When owning an investment property, it can be tempting to save on expenses wherever you can. Managing your own investment as opposed to hiring a qualified Property Manager can be one of those areas. Unfortunately, it is the one area that can make or break your investment. A good Property Manager offers a whole lot more to your investment property than meets the eye.

Need convincing? Let us show you how.

Access to a Wealth of Experience

Property Management is what we do best. We manage properties and all the ins and outs that come along with it on a daily basis. We live and breathe property. As a bonus, we are constantly reviewing our processes and looking at what we can do to reduce vacancy rates and find the best tenants for your property.

Before we even consider putting your property on the market, we conduct a rental appraisal to determine the best achievable rental rate. We may suggest and oversee cosmetic improvements that will help attract potential tenants and increase your rent.

Once we have determined what rent can be achieved and the property is ready to go, we implement an effective and integrated marketing campaign to promote your property complete with professional photography, online advertising and well written and placed advertisements.

We find you the Right Tenants

Finding the right tenant is crucial to a happy landlord/tenant/property manager relationship. Our thorough screening process ensures we will match the perfect tenant to your property. We carry out  national tenancy database checks on every applicant, verify employment and review references from current and previous landlords/property managers. We do the hard work for you so that your ongoing tenancy agreement is a harmonious and stress free one.

We Keep up with Legislation

Employing a Property Manager ensures that as a landlord you are compliant with the latest legislation. Whether it be smoke alarm legislation, swimming pool compliance or corded internal window coverings – we are across all of it. We simply let you know where your obligations lie and work with you to meet the required standards.

As the Director of Thrive Property NT, I oversee the management of all properties under our care  and work closely with our Senior Property Manager and the rest of the team. We have a vested interest in ensuring your property is well looked after. After all, our reputation depends on it. And so does the value of your property.

Contact us to discuss how we can tailor our service to suit your needs. Then you can get back to doing what you love, and leave the property management to us.