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Changing the Face of the Territory

The NT has Evolved – and it’s Time to Show the World

On the 22nd August 2018, the NT Government launched a new Brand ‘Boundless Possible’ aimed at reinventing the NTs current image. The ease in population growth in the NT has seen actions taken to encourage tourism visitation, stimulate the economy and ultimately, encourage new residents to the area to inject a much needed population growth.

The $1.5 billion plan unveiled by the NT Government is more than a new logo and brand. It is designed to change the existing perception of the Northern Territory. Unfortunately, the stigma of Crocodile Dundee continues to stick when people think of the NT. But the NT has evolved far from that and we are ready for a change.

Boundless Possible – the new NT Master Brand

Boundless Possible aim is to change the face of the NT. Specifically, it’s tagline encourages people to:

Discover the progressive, innovative, inspiring, creative, connected, collaborative, ancient, welcoming side of The Territory and the unlimited potential we have to share with the world.

The campaigns aims to convert some of the 2.8 million Aussies who live interstate, who are open to moving to the Territory.  It is aimed around using current NT residents as key ambassadors to attract new growth to the area.

Watch the Boundless Possible promo video here.

Why is Growth So Important?

Yes this seems like an obvious question right? Currently the NT is sitting at a rate of 0.6% growth. The current population growth strategy aims to boost that to an average of 1.4% through focusing on:

  • Telling the modern Territory story
  • Attracting investment and creating jobs
  • Attracting and retaining migrants
  • Enhancing liveability
  • Understanding the drivers of population change.

The NT Government has pledged $50.4 million over the next two years in targeted population growth activities. View the complete 2018-28 Northern Territory Population Growth Strategy.

Cash Incentives for those Willing to Make the Move

There is even a cash incentive for those families looking to make the move to the NT to work in ‘high priority occupations’. With moving costs to the NT a barrier to many, this cash injection aims to help those on the fence, willing to make the jump. So if you are an Engineer, ICT or marketing professional, childcare worker, accountant, chef, pilot or aged care worker – it’s time to consider a move. View the full range of high priority NT jobs. The total benefit to families who stay in the area over five years is $15, 000.

Read more about Boundless Possible and the new Master Plan for the NT.