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Thrive Takes Virtual Flight During COVID

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Like many small and large businesses across the globe, we faced a new way of doing business since COVID hit our shores. Real Estate agencies across the country were forced to adapt to a virtual form of property management and sales. With the scrapping of open homes, the Thrive Property NT team quickly adapted to this new way of operation.

Essentially, we thrived.

Yes as much of a pun as that may be, we are truly proud of the way our team adapted to their new environment and systems that were implemented, basically, overnight…

How did we do it?

We embraced technology.

The Thrive Property NT Virtual Real Estate Agency

Cloud-based software

Since the day we opened our doors, Thrive Property NT has operated from cloud-based systems. With cloud software already in place, our team were able to work flexibly and remotely as our needs required. We could access everything from home in an organised, efficient and collaborative way from the moment businesses were forced to close. This meant we could continue our operations without the steep learning curve of implementing new software and training staff.

Routine inspections

With the social distancing limitations and Government restrictions, many agencies ceased their routine inspections. With the assistance of our tenants and our existing access to virtual platforms, we were able to carry out virtual inspections of our properties. They were recorded and sent to our owners, on time, as per our guaranteed Thrive Property level of service. This pandemic was not going to get in the way of our team delivering the expected level of service our tenants and landlords have come to expect. Whilst we are now back on deck and carrying our routine inspections again, virtual inspections are now an option when required – such as when a tenant is in isolation or sick. We are simply diversifying the way we do business to suit market conditions.

Property Viewings

COVID presented a silver lining to Thrive Property in accelerating our marketing efforts, in particular, property viewings. It quickly became the norm to film properties and make videos available to prospective buyers and tenants. We previously provided this service for our interstate clients who were not able to attend a property viewing in person. However now, it is the norm for all listings. We encourage all our owners to utilise video technology going forward. To assist, we have partnered with a videographer to produce professional property videos as an additional service. You can view a sample property video here


We increased our level of communication with our clients by providing tenants and landlords with regular updates on our operations and changes in legislation. COVID was a rapidly-changing beast and the impact on the real estate industry seemed to change weekly. We connected with all our clients to keep them in the loop, enabling them to communicate their concerns with us. We took the time to educate ourselves as COVID-19 played out, ensuring we were up-to-date with all legislative changes. This allowed us to provide accurate and timely advice to our clients as information came to hand. We honed our social media efforts in a bid to connect with more people whilst they were at home.

From all of the Thrive team, we thank you for standing with us as we navigated through this difficult time. We look forward to a more connected and prosperous end to 2020!