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Help for Tenants Seeking Properties During COVID

For those seeking to rent a property during these tough times – we understand.

The going is tough!

We see the long lines and piles of applications for a single property.

It is not easy, but it is also not impossible!

It just may take a little longer than usual.

As Property Managers, we want to help as many people find their new rental as quickly and easily as possible.

So here are our top 5 ways you can increase your chances of being a successful applicant for that next property.

5 ways to increase your chance of securing a rental

  1. Create an online rental profile

    Yes, there is even a platform for renters! Tenant Options allows you to complete your own online renter profile complete with references to then quickly and easily apply for properties.

  2. Introduce yourself

    When you show up for the rental inspection, be sure to introduce yourself to the Property Manager. Be open, friendly and approachable – it goes a long way!

  3. Be honest

    Above all, be honest in your application. As if not, there is a high probability you’ll be caught out at some point which will only push your application to the bottom of the pile.

  4. Provide supporting documentation

    Get all your ducks in a row and ensure you have all the supporting documentation required. It is amazing how many rental applications are received without all the supporting documentation. Again, down the bottom of the pile you go.

  5. If applying with a pet, include a pet resume

    When applying with a pet, your Landlord will want to know as much about your pet as you! Provide a simple A4 sheet about your pet – their type, breed, whether they are an inside or outside pet, temperament and reference from previous Landlords.

For those who are existing tenants, you may also feel unsettled in this current market. Rents are on the increase across the country and tenants are being squeezed out of particular areas due to increased demand and skyrocketing prices.

But there are small things that can go a long way to ensuring the long term future of your rental.

5 tips to being the perfect tenant

  1. Pay your rent on time

    Paying your rent the day is it due, without fail every week/fortnight/month will tick a very important box for your Landlord.

  2. Take care of the property

    Care for your rental as if it were your own. If something is amiss that requires attention, let your Landlord know so it can be rectified. Clean your property regularly and keep it in optimal condition. It will be noticed.

  3. Love thy neighbour

    Getting along with your neighbours may seem arbitrary, but is an important part of the tenant puzzle. No Property Manager wants a stream of complaints from surrounding residents, which also won’t bode well on any future references.

  4. Be a good communicator

    Keep good communication lines open with your Property Manager or Landlord. Respond to enquiries quickly and always be polite and respectful. We all love working with people who are friendly and approachable right?

  5. Renew your lease on time

    Once successful with your application and it comes to renewal, be sure to renew as quickly as possible. Don’t delay in sending back the final lease paperwork.

Keep in touch with upcoming rentals on our website and introduce yourself to our friendly Property Management team – we are here to help.