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Do It For Dolly Day – A Day for Kindness

This coming Friday 8th May is Do It For Dolly Day. For those who are unaware, young Dolly, a vivacious 14-year-old took her own life as a result of relentless bullying. Her parents, Kate and Tick Everett went on to create Do It For Dolly Day, a day where we encourage the community to come together, be a mate and be kind to one another. It’s well and truly time we put an end to bullying and this tragic loss of young life.

So this Do It For Dolly, wear blue in a sign of solidarity against bullying. It is a day where we stand as one to encourage those who don’t feel they have the voice to stand up and speak out. If we all stand together as one, we encourage and celebrate the bravery of speaking out.

Thrive Property NT are supporters of Dolly’s Dream and we will be wearing blue on Friday 8th May 2020 and sharing random acts of kindness on our social media with the hashtag #DoItForDollyDay.

Will you join us?

So what can you do to make Friday 8th May all about kindness? A little thought can go a long way.

Here’s some examples from Dolly’s Dream about how to spread random acts of kindness….

  • Call to check in on a family member/friend or send them a friendly text message
  • Make a music playlist or card for someone you care about
  • Cook a meal for the people in your house
  • Write a positive online review for a small business
  • Start an online fundraiser
  • Get your neighbourhood involved by getting everyone to put something in their window to mark #DoItForDollyDay. Facebook groups are a great way to reach your community!
  • Check out The Kindness Pandemic¬†for other community acts of kindness.

For those in the midst of homeschooling, they even have some fun school activities you can participate in!

Spread the word as far and wide as you can, and join us this Friday to help make the world a kinder place.