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Top Tips to Look After Your Rental Property

As you may all know, Erica is our Leasing Consultant, as well as conducting the majority of our routine inspections. So she knows her way around a rental property, and specifically what cleaning hacks take your property from so-so to spectacular. So we thought this month we’d bring you Erica’s top 12 cleaning tips to take your property to sparkling levels.

Erica’s Top 12 Cleaning Tips for Rental Properties

  1. Ventilate! Ventilate! Ventilate!

    Mould loves to grow in wet or moist rooms with poor ventilation. Open your doors and windows when at home to let fresh air in. The dry season is a lovely time of year to make the most of it!

  2. Clean your air conditioner filters and fans

    We recommend doing this on a monthly basis. It’s a great habit to get into and better yet, the air conditioner and fans function so much better when clean. To clean your air conditioner filters, run the filters under cold water and allow to dry. Then return the filters to the air conditioner. A sneaky hack for cleaning fan blades – did you know that the hole in the middle of a  cobweb broom perfectly fits over regular fan blades for ease of cleaning? Hack success.

  3.  Remove shower soap scum

    To remove soap scum in your shower; try vinegar and baking soda and a magic cloth. Wash down the shower screen once completed. It may not work the first time around but give it a second go to see results!

  4. Check under your sinks and basins regularly for any water leaks

    Catch these leaks before they become a serious problem.

  5. Check your irrigation or sprinkler system

    Green patches in your lawn in the dry season are a dead giveaway there is a leak.

  6. Read the house rules

    Ensure to read the Body Corporate rules when living in an apartment or unit. Each complex has different rules set by the Body Corporate Committee.

  7. Report any maintenance in a timely manner

    Report any maintenance requirements as soon as possible – even if it is Body Corporate maintenance. Do not repair any electrical, tiling or major plumbing leaks yourself. You may jeopardise an insurance claim if the owner decides to take this path as well as the risk of injuring yourself.

  8. Put a drip mat in your garage and under your BBQ

    This simple step will save loads of cleaning if your car leaks oil or if you’re not quite in the Master chef category (aka most of us).

  9. Use a squeegee in the shower

    So simple yet so effective. Bunnings is your new best friend for cleaning products and accessories.

  10. Put some greenery in your home

    Did you know that mother-in-law tongue absorbs nitrogen oxide and improves the air quality indoors? It needs very little watering and brings life to your home – just remember the drip tray!

  11. Clean your kitchen rangehood

    Your rangehood filters should be removed regularly for cleaning. You can even just pop them in the dishwasher – winning!

  12. Ceramic stovetops

    Ceramc stovetops are very easy to keep clean using Cerapol Ceramic Cook Top Cleaner and a cooktop scraper.

Erica’s 12 cleaning tips will give you a solid tick of approval at your next inspection.